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Spring arrives on March 20th…. right around the corner. What better time to begin the dreaded chores of spring cleaning, but instead of cleaning out your closets and cupboard – maybe it’s time  to straighten up and refresh your finances as well as your homes.  Why not do a little spring-cleaning on your family’s finances?  With three months into the new year  behind us, what better time to take stock of where you are financially as compared to where you would like to be … have you stuck to your budget and put some extra money in the bank for that family vacation or used your savings to pay down your mortgage? Did you set up a savings account for those looming college tuition expenses?  Have you planned and saved for taxes? Is everything in order for you to file your return?

Before you tackle those old shoe boxes and dust all your shelves, this year make sure that your family finances are in order! 

Do you have all of your recent bank account statements? Did you read them over before they found the shredder?  A quick review of your bank account statements  to ensure you are on track to meet your budget  goals only takes a few extra minutes each month, it is small acts like these  that will save you a ton of time later in the year.  After all, how can you plan your annual summer vacation or for the coming holidays if your household finances are a mess?   To help ease you into making these few small acts habit, and maybe even a little  fun, we have compiled a list of helpful websites for your review below:   

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